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Presidents Message
Dear Samaj Members, It is a great honor and priviledge to be the President of our Samaj for the year 2013. We have an excellent Executive Committee of all ages to strive to make this a special year. I would like to thank all of the past presidents and committees for their exceptional contribution to our samaj in the past.
My goal is to continue to promote the great values and beliefs of our organization and introduce new themes that will enhance our traditions and history. I would like to keep our Samaj moving forward by introducing new events that appeal to the next generation.
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These events will open up new avenues that will buildupon the fundamental pillars of our Samaj. The main events ofour Samaj, including all of the religious and cultural events, picnics, and sports will still be main programs of our agenda. If you have any suggestions for an event, please let me or any member of the Executive Committee know.
We have a strong foundation with a long history. Your continued support and participation is critical to the success ofour Samaj. I hope to see you and your family at all ofour functions and events in the upcoming year.
On behalf ofthe Executive Committee, we wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Sharad R. Patel (Khoj)

The Surti Leva Patidar Samaj of Southern California

Southern California’s first non-profit organization dedicated to keeping members from the Leva Community together, in good times and bad...

The Surti Leva Patidar Samaj of Southern California established in 1981, is one of Southern California’s largest non profit Indian Associations.  The intent of the organization is to preserve our culture, and pass down traditions to our children and loved ones.  We pride ourselves in holding regular and traditional events for all age groups so that we can meet on a regular basis.  In addition, we help support those in need by raising funds during tragic events.  Our organization has helped victims of The Bhuj India, 9/11, and the recent earthquake in Haiti, to name a few.   


    • Directory Information

      The Surti Leva Patidar Samaj of Southern California directory will be available for pickup on February 5th 2013 as the year long project is now complete. Each member shall be entitled to one copy, additional copies can be purchased for $15.00:

      Ashvin N. Patel (Sejwad)


      Bhagubhai N. Patel (Saroli)

      Bharat  K. Patel (Billimora)


      Dalsukhbhai K. Patel (Saroli)

      Dipak T. Patel (Mota)


      Hargovin D. Desai (Digas)

      Harshad D. Patel (Saroli)


      Hasubhai B. Patel (Astan)

      Mukesh G. Patel (Tundi)


      Sanjay R. Patel (Amanpore)

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Latest Events

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Samaj events are planned to promote community involvement. If you have an idea or suggestion, please email the committee.