Learn About Us

The Surti Leva Patidar Samaj of Southern California established in 1981, is one of Southern California’s largest non profit Indian Associations. The intent of the organization is to preserve our culture, and pass down traditions to our children and loved ones. We pride ourselves in holding regular and traditional events for all age groups so that we can meet on a regular basis. In addition, we help support those in need by raising funds during tragic events. Our organization has helped victims of The Bhuj India, 9/11, and the recent earthquake in Haiti, to name a few.

We have over 430 Lifetime members and over 300 members that annually donate activity dues fees. These dues help us maintain our Hall in Southgate California, and also help us organize religious events such as Mahashivaratri, Sharad Purinam, Ganesh Chaturti, Ram Navami, Janmasthami, and Navratri.